CP Dollar Fund

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Fund Objective  Medium Risk
The primary objective of the Fund is Income generation and capital preservation.

Fund Type

Inception Date
May 22, 2023


  • Credit risk
  • Interest risk
  • Currency risk

Medium – Long Term

Fund Manager
Kenneth Brai
Opeyemi Babalola

Uduak Jacob

As of 07/07/2024

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1 Day Price Change

+$0.00048 ▲

YTD Performance

6.31% ▲

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The Fund invests in sovereign bonds issued by the Nigerian Federal Government, State government bonds and other fixed income securities ... with the primary objective of income generation.

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Asset Allocation Range
  • Nigeria Sovereign, Corporate and Supranational Eurobonds (75%-100%)
  • Placements (0%-30%)
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents (0%-5%)
Target Investors
  • Retail and Institutional investors
  • Moderate risk appetite
  • Medium to long term horizon
  • Low liquidity needs
Management Fee
  • 1.5% Pa of NAV Per annum
Early Exit Penalty
  • 20% of income earned in the period

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