Non-Discretionary Mandate

CPAM Alpha

CPAM Alpha is an investment product targeted at High Net Worth, Ultra-High Net worth individuals and select institutional investors. It offers these clientele the opportunity to invest in a broad range of near-term, high-quality Naira-denominated assets, including government, commercial bank, and other obligations at locked-in rates.
Key Features
  • Objective: Seeking higher returns from fixed income instruments
  • Minimum investment : N50 Million
  • Eligible Securities : Portfolio invests in high grade money market instruments; including treasury bills, commercial papers, placements  and asset backed securities.
  • Yield: The Yield is agreed upfront
  • Interest payment: The interest income accrues daily and paid back end
  • Tenor : Investment horizon is determined by investor

Glabal Equity Execution Mandate (GEEM)

GEEM is a Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services. The Portfolio Manager will invest in or dispose of or hold equities or other securities in the Portfolio pursuant to the Client’s instructions and direction. GEEM provides the risk-tolerant clients with more investment options to achieve a more balanced and diversified portfolio. The product is targeted at corporates and individuals who prefer to invest in the US stock market.
Key Features
  • Target Investors : The offering is ideal for investors seeking competitive returns in US dollars.
  • Minimum investment : $20,000
  • Eligible Securities: Portfolio invests in high grade corporate, sovereign and supra-national Eurobond assets denominated in US Dollars.
  • Yield: Fixed rate, based on portfolio return
  • Safety : Investment assets are held in safe custody by a Custodian
  • Taxes : Yields are exclusive of withholding tax

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